RVK A1 Inline Fans

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4" RVK100 A1 184m3/h £65.00
6" RVK150 A1 425m3/h£90.00
8" RVK200 A1 778m3/h£110.00
10" RVK250 A1 842m3/h£135.00


Good air circulation is an important consideration in any grow room.

These RVK range of turbo fans are quiet running, powerful and ideal for connecting to our selection of Carbon Filter and Silencers.

Usually an extractor fan is used to bring in fresh air from outside the grow room and another is used to remove stale air from inside the grow room.

We recommend The RVK Fan be used with a Twin SMS or Single Thermostat Controller to keep the room at the desired temperature.

In some instances, such as smaller set-ups or Grow Tents, it is possible to get by with only one extractor Fan.

RVK Systemair extractor Fans are suitable whatever method you choose to use.

Temperature Control

One of the most effective methods of cooling a growing environment is simply by having adequate ventilation and airflow drawn in from outside and vented out again.

Obviously the amount to ventilation required to maintain the ideal temperature range will depend on such factors as the temperature of the incoming air, the heat load from lights in the growing area and the amount of air drawn into and flushed out on a regular basis.

Humidity and Disease Control

Fans in a grow room, not only vent out humid air but bring in drier air to the growing environment and this is essential for not only good plant growth but also disease prevention.

When humidity levels are high, condensation at night when it is generally cooler can become a major problem.

Condensation on plant surfaces provides the perfect environment for many fungal spores and bacterial diseases to infect the plants.

It takes only a few hours of high moisture levels for most diseases to infect plant tissue and take hold, so reducing humidity and preventing condensation are one way of protecting plants from disease outbreaks.

What Size Of Fan Do I Need?

To calculate the size of Fan you require, simply follow these instructions below:

  1. Measure the Height, Length and Width (in Metres) of the Growing environment.
  2. Multiply together (Height x Length x Width) to give the cubic metre volume.
  3. Multiply this figure by the amount of air changes you require-for example 20.
  4. This is the size of fan you require to change the air 20 times in an hour.
  5. Buy the fan slightly above the figure calculated if possible to ensure adequate ventilation.

The RVK Brackets (Supplied in Box) allow for easy installation to floor, wall or ceiling.

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