Dutchpro Multi Total

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Dutchpro Multi Total 250ml£8.99
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Dutchpro Multi Total 5L£94.99
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Multi Total

This soil improver, developed by Dutch Pro, turns organic material from dead plant matter into beneficial nutrients ready to be absorbed and used all over again! Not only does Dutch Pro Multi Total recycle your otherwise useless plant matter it also stimulates root growth by improving your soil structure.

Dutch Pro Multi Total optimises the water retention properties of your medium and stimulates the cationic exchange of micronutrients and minerals as well as guarding against fungal infections and adverse stress situations.

All in all Dutch Pro Multi Total is one nutrient no serious hydroponic grower should go without, requiring only a fortnightly application the cost of Dutch Pro Multi Total pales in comparison to the benefit to your plants.

Give it a go and watch your plants prosper through both grow and bloom!

Shake well before Use