Dutchpro Original Grow Soil Aarde A+B

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Original Grow Soil Aarde 

Original Grow Soil / Aarde is designed for one purpose, to ensure your plants thrive in soil and Aarde mediums.

Dutch Pro Original Grow contains all the essential NPK, macro and micro nutrients required to get the most out of your plants.

If you want your plants to succeed then use Dutch Pro Original Grow to get them off to a great start!

Dutch Pro Original Grow is a two-part nutrient solution, which means you get both an A and a B component when you purchase Original Grow.

Do not mix the A and B components together directly, instead you should add a measurement of your A solution to your water and finally apply the B solution, always in an equal parts.

 Fertilizer use: Per 100 litre water between 200 and 300 ml Original Grow Soil, depending on the desired EC level.

 (Always rinse measuring cup well.)

Adjust pH level if necessary with pH- Grow from Dutch Pro.

Optimum pH level 5.8 - 6.5.

Dosage: 200-300 ml per 100 liter. 


Do NOT Take internally

In case of contact with eyes, immediately rinse eyes out with plenty of water and seek medical attention.

Wear protective clothing - gloves are recommended.