Ionic PK 14:15 Boost

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Ionic PK 14:15 Boost 300ml£4.99
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Ionic PK 14:15 Boost

We are very pleased to announce a completely New IONIC PK Boost.

This product is formulated to supply the crucial elements needed for flowering at the closest suitable levels to the plants requirement.

The supplement is suitable for all crops at the flowering and fruiting stages of growth and can be used with IONIC Bloom formulations or with any other well- formulated Boom nutrients.


Crucial Element Ratio 14:15

PK Boost 14:15 is more concentrated than other boost products.

We are still advising dosage at 1ml per liter but suggest redusing frequency to a weekly dose.

PK Boost 14:15 at 1ml per liter will raise the EC by around 0.35 mS/cm and add:

P-approx.60 ppm

K-approx. 125 ppm


Available in:

Ionic PK 14:15 Boost 300ml

Ionic PK 14:15 Boost 1L

Ionic PK 14:15 Boost 2L

Ionic PK 14:15 Boost 5L

Ionic PK 14:15 Boost 20L