Ionic Hydro Grow & Bloom

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Ionic Hydro Grow 1L £7.99
Ionic Hydro Bloom 1L £7.99
Ionic Hydro Grow 2L £11.99
Ionic Hydro Bloom 2L £11.99
Ionic Hydro Grow 5L £19.99
Ionic Hydro Bloom 5L £19.99
Ionic Hydro Grow 20L£44.99
Ionic Hydro Bloom 20L £44.99

Ionic Hydro Grow & Bloom

State of the art nutrition for plants in all types of hydroponic systems

IONIC for Hydroponics

  • IONIC Hydro nutrients are formulated specifically for hydroponic cultivation. 

They are complete in every elemental detail and balanced for precise delivery of nutrients to the plant.

  • IONIC Hydro nutrients are available in Grow and Bloom options.

These variations are based upon the nutritional requirements of green plants at each stage of the growth cycle.

The Grow formulation is designed to maximise potential for vigorous vegetative growth while the Bloom nutrient is loaded with the crucial elements that support heavy flowering.

  • IONIC Hydro nutrients have a highly stable pH due to unique reactive buffering incorporated into the manufacturing process.

This reduces fluctuations in the tank and cuts down the workload for the grower.

Available in:

  • Ionic Hydro Grow 1L 
  • Ionic Hydro Bloom 1L
  • Ionic Hydro Grow 2L
  • Ionic Hydro Bloom 2L
  • Ionic Hydro Grow 5L 
  • Ionic Hydro Bloom 5L 
  • Ionic Hydro Grow 20L 
  • Ionic Hydro Bloom 20L