Garden HighPRO Thermo-Hygrometer

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Garden HighPRO Thermo-Hygrometer£12.95

Garden HighPRO Thermo-Hygrometer

The Garden HighPRO thermo- and hygrometer has an external temperature sensor and measures and stores the minimum and maximum temperature at 2 measuring points. On the one hand on the device itself and additionally about the approx. 150cm long temperature sensor. 

The relative humidity is measured directly on the thermo- / hygrometer .The device has a memory function so you can see which minimum and maximum values have been measured.

Technical specifications:
Dimensions LxBxT: 125x70x19mm 
temperature sensor length: 150cm 
Range Temperature: 0 ° C to 50 ° C 
range humidity: 25% to 90% 
accuracy temperature: +/- 1 ° C 
+/- 5% accuracy humidity 
included Battery: