Budmaster 9

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Budmaster LED 9 XG£800.00
Budmaster LED 9 OD£1,100.00
Budmaster LED 9 G.O.D£1,500.00

Budmaster II Extreme LED Grow Lights

Budmaster 9

Budmaster has truly been reborn in this new incarnation, the new Budmaster II is truly the best 4G LED Grow Light in the world with complete 100% modularity and more pure par power than any of its rivals.

Budmaster II has many new features that benefit both the grower and our manufacture process thus giving Budmaster II more power and a lower price tag.

The new modularity makes the manufacture and possible replacement process seamless and simple to such an extent that we can now dramatically reduce the price making Budmaster II a must have for all growers.

Budmaster II boasts many features including:

1.     Aluminium heat sinks in our power supplies

2.     High Intensity Top Bin Diodes

3.     Superior Double Lens Mould

4.     Detachable Power Supplies

5.     Copper Core Heat Sinks

6.     Constant led drivers

7.     Detachable Clusters

8.     25 LED Per Cluster

9.     Near Silent Fans

10.   No Glass or glue

11.   Aluminium PCB

12.   Solid simple wiring

13.   Surge Protection

BUDMASTER LEDs still get tested often, LEDs are made in batches / bins, some better than others etc, so it is very important to test each batch and only pick the best LEDs for the lights. And all the diodes in our new Budmaster II lights are of course brand spanking new this year.

These lights give out more light intensity than any other light we have tested so far almost doubling the LUX of a 600w HPS with digital ballast, and we test our rivals lights very regularly including any new lights coming onto the market, we never miss a trick.

Due to the sheer intensity of power per square inch in our new Budmaster II LED Grow Lights we have released the 90° double lens mould first. This gives a huge amount of additional coverage without losing penetration due to the fact that all the diodes are brand spanking new and with our patented 25 led per square cluster you get an awesome amount of pure pare power to your plants.

Many other lights have a cheap mass produces lens mould, with our Budmaster II lens mould you are guaranteed quality and efficiency and you can rest assured these only come from Budmaster.

Superior Modular Design  

There are many modular led grow lights on the market but Budmaster II beats them all hands down in more ways than one. 

Most led grow lights that claim to be modular actually require the user to open the unit which is never advisable for obvious reasons. With Budmaster II we have not just rehashed an old design to bolt on rattly under par modularity like our rivals, we have raced ahead of the pack and redesigned the whole unit to provide 100% modularity and 100% redundancy.

100% Redundancy?

All other cluster led grow lights use 1 power pack to 2 cluster, so this has obvious disadvantages such as if 1 diode fails you lose 2 clusters or if the power supply fails you lose 2 clusters.  With Budmaster II we have used a bit more common sense and made the clusters larger so they are now 1 power supply to each cluster giving superior modularity and redundancy.

Investing in this redesign cost us a fair few dollars but the overall effect is that the manufacturing costs are now lower due to faster assembly speed and also we can change the warranty from a replacement warranty to a parts warranty which means we just send you a new cluster and power supply in the event of a fault.


Budmaster 675

Coverage: 1.2m x 1.2M

Uses: 385w

Replaces: 600w HPS



XG= 1165 μmol/m2/s  The Budmaster II 675-XG is undoubtedly be the most popular in our range of Budmaster II led grow lights due to the coverage area and the excellent price. This light hammers a 1.2m2 tent with huge amounts of par far outdoing 600w HPS,

OD= 1300 μmol/m2/s  Our shiny new Budmaster II 675 OD is truly in a class of its own with incredible PAR output exceeding the output of our existing range and obliterating HPS and plasma.

G.O.D= 2030 μmol/m2/s   Our shiny new Budmaster II 675 G.O.D is truly in a class of its own with incredible PAR output exceeding the output of our existing range and obliterating HPS and plasma, outputting an incredible 1168 µmoles/m2/s at 1m distance compared to hps at 390 µmoles/m2/s at 1m.

There is no other light of similar wattage or size that can compete with our new Gold Osram Deluxe range and the 9 G.O.D will absolutely obliterate your 1.2sqm space with 100% PURE PAR POWER.