Oxypot XL 2 Pot D.W.C System

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DWC Oxypot XL 2 Pot Complete£60.00

Oxypot XL 2 Pot D.W.C Sysytem

OXYPOT XL: Ideal for Bloom and Grow plant stages.

The 2-plant version (Oxypot XL) also has a reversible lid so that during the vegetative stage plants sit lower in the tank.

Then during the growth stage the lid is reversed, raising the plant giving the roots more space in the growing chamber.

One of the simplest introductions to Hydroponics Available!

Our popular Oxypot (Deep Water Culture) system has been improved and is now also available as a two plant version. 

Deep Water Culture (Deep Water Culture) is increasing in popularity because it’s simple and produces large high-yielding plants.

The Oxypot and Oxypot XL provide a cost-effective way for your customers to undertake this growing method.

Here’s how the Oxypot works…

  • Plants are placed in the Oxypot in a mesh basket and the roots are suspended in the growing chamber where an air pump oxygenates the solution creating a constant stream of bubbles.
  • The roots have constant access to nutrient solution in this oxygen rich environment which leads to fast growth.
  • The pots in the Oxypots can be rotated and even removed.

The new Oxypot and Oxypot XL produce explosive growth, look great and went down a storm at the recent Grow Show.

• Less media – just a handful of clay pebbles per pot

• Simple – no timer to set, this is a constant feed system

• Removable pots – growers can turn the pots under lights


• Oxypot XL has a reversible lid which suspends plants lower in the tank for the veg stage


Excellent Access

Reversible Lid for Veg stage

Comes complete with Pump and Air Stone!