Oxpot 1 Pot System

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DWC without Pump and Air Stone£25.00
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OXYPOT 1 Pot System

One of the simplest introductions to Hydroponics Available!

Our popular Oxypot (Deep Water Culture) system has been improved and is now also available as a two plant version. 

Deep Water Culture (Deep Water Culture) is increasing in popularity because it’s simple and produces large high-yielding plants.

The Oxypot and Oxypot XL provide a cost-effective way for your customers to undertake this growing method.

Here’s how the Oxypot works…

  • Plants are placed in the Oxypot in a mesh basket and the roots are suspended in the growing chamber where an air pump oxygenates the solution creating a constant stream of bubbles.
  • The roots have constant access to nutrient solution in this oxygen rich environment which leads to fast growth.
  • The pots in the Oxypots can be rotated and even removed.

The new Oxypot and Oxypot XL produce explosive growth, look great and went down a storm at the recent Grow Show.

• Less media – just a handful of clay pebbles per pot

• Simple – no timer to set, this is a constant feed system

• Removable pots – growers can turn the pots under lights

Oxypot XL has a reversible lid which suspends plants lower in the tank for the veg stage



  • Removable pot
  • Empying Elbow.

Can be purchased with or with out pump and air stones!